1. Why china wants India to stop Agni-5 missiles test

Recently India having testing his own made in India missile which is Agni missile. This missile is a continental ballistic missile. so as of you know continental missile are those missile which go through one continent to another continent and sometimes its ranges is about 3000 to 5000 km which is very extreme.

During this time China does not wants to India become his competitor that’s why hi wants to pull of India’s Agni-5 missile or some these types of missile, but Indian government openly says its not possible to stop their missile program. But why china says its openly to India stop their missile program ? This is because of massive Make in India initiative takes by government of India. Infect government of India takes some bold decision to make his country as a global leader of electronics and some other sectors.

In this initiative government of India gives some extra benefit to those company which is going to be massive production of any goods or services. This program is known as Production Linked Incentives. i.e. PLI-Scheme. so if India will make more & more products then he will sold out these product to a major countries like Europe, US, Brazil, and Middle east countries. This will helps to India’s dream which is 3-Trillion economy. That’s why china doesn’t want to India become a Global leader in any faculty

2. America, UK & Australia will make a Nuclear Submarine

Recently US, UK and Australia announced his joint partnership to make a nuclear powered submarine. Actually US & UK have already Nuclear powered submarine but they wants to his QUAD Member countries like Australian having its own nuclear submarine. In this joint partnership United states or America and United Kingdoms i.e. Britain will help to makes Australian 1st Nuclear powered submarines.

Actually there are 3-types submarines

  • Diesel Powered engine submarine
  • Battery Powered submarine
  • Nuclear powered submarine

Diesel and Battery powered submarine are having some noise problems that’s why they are not recommended to any countries army. But nuclear powered engine or nuclear submarine are vary less nominable or negligible noise that’s why SONAR doesn’t find any threats of submarines. You have to proud to be an indian because our army and DRDO makes this types of submarine and launch in 2016. This submarine is known as Arihant Class-Submarine

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