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Monthly Current Affairs October - 2021

Monthly Current Affairs Sep- 2021

September Month 2021 Current Affairs

Hello and worm welcome to all of our viewers and readers. We have take a initiative for our Readers.

In this Initiate we have provide Monthly Current Affairs.

Those students or Aspirants who learn to something new or who known about his current situation of Indian as well World please joins us Googlitec-Army

1. Why France recall his ambassador from US & Australia ?

Ans : France its a European country and also a member of European Member.

Recently i have publish some news regarding US, UK and Australia Nuclear Submarine deals. In this deal i have explained what is nuclear submarine and its types.

If you don’t have to read then please read this article- click here

Australia having worth 10 M $ nuclear submarine deal with France, But in recent new is Australia break down this Nuclear submarine deal and this will very painful for France because France Economy is depends on his Weapons’ i mean he survived because of his Army Weapons.

1. What is the capital of France ?


2. What is Nuclear submarine ?

Those submarines which powered through Nuclear or atomic energy is called Nuclear Submarines.

3. What is the total Assignment of France and Australia Nuclear Submarine deal ?

10 m US $

4. Name the strait between France and UK ?

Staite of Dower

5. What is the Name of the France President ?

Emanuel Macron

2. What is the full form of RCEP ?

Ans : RCEP Means Regional comprehensive and economic partnership. its a partnership between 15 countries.

10 members are from ASEAN-Group and 5-Members are – China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and South Korea. India is not a member of RCEP-Group.

1. RCEP Full form

Regional Comprehensive and Economical Partnership

2. Is India become member of RCEP Group ?

NO Indian is not a member of RECP Group. He will be in Observing Position

3. Name the country who have joined this Group ?

RCEP Group have joins major economy of the world they are : China Japan New zealand Australia and South Korea and ASEAN-GROUP

4 Is RCEP group a military Group ?

No dear, its not a Military Group. Its a Regional and comprehensive group means Trades.

5. Who is the current Chinese president ?

Xi jinping

3. What is Act-East-Policy ?

Ans : Its a major initiative taken by Indian government to rebuilt economic and cultural cooperation between ASEAN-Countries.

India is not a member of ASEAN-Group that’s why built there relation to these countries. This will help to boost our trade and economy both.

Recently a survey has conducted. In this survey released some reports regarding these ASEAN-Countries.

in this report says these ASEAN countries have built to next economic hub as were china, because most of companies are stop their production in Chinese market and shifted towards china neighboring countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Singapore.

That’s why we built better relation to these groups.

1. Act-East-Policy means

Its an initiative taken by Indian government.

In this initiative India has rebuilt its economic and cultural cooperation between ASEAN-Countries.

2. Is Myanmar is ASEAN-Group member ?


3. Total member of ASEAN-Group

There is total 10 members who participate this group.

4. Is china ASEAN-Member ?

No, Buddy

5. Name the member of ASEAN-Group-Countries

Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

4. According to NCRB-Data which state have highest no of crimes

ANS : Uttar Pradesh has highest no of crimes record in 2020.

This data will release by the Government faculty NCRB. NCRB means National crime record bureau.

This faculty released this crime report every year. NCRB reports state to state is are here

1. Which state have highest crime rate ?

Uttar Pradesh have highest crime rate

2. Which state have highest no of Child abusing case ?


3. Who release NCRB-Data ?

NCRB released this data

4. NCRB full form ?

National Crime Record Bureau.

5. who is the Head of Current NCRB ?

Ramphal Pawar

5. What is Lebanon crisis ?

Ans : Lebanon is a Western Asian country. its have some neighboring countries i.e. Israel, Syria, Jorden.

Its is situated in Mediterranean ocean. In 2020 its capital which is Bruit. is suffering from massive explosion.

Its causes 200 peoples dies and 1000 of people were injured.

in this situation most of the people have lost there jobs because Lebanon have a low income country and most of the people having its own small business.

in 2020 to 2021 Lebanon tries his best of 10 prime minister to deal with Lebanon crisis but, no one can solve this missive tragedy.

in September 16 most of cities having trouble of fuel problems and Lebanon people are stolen and robbery Fuel to the petrol pump.

Today 90 % of the Lebanon people are lived in Poverty.

Lebanon have not enough money to buy any kind of fuel to charged his economy. That’s why its the major problem to face.

Lebanon have a Hezbollah i.e. terror group. This group recently provides some fuel tankers to his nation peoples.

Its a big good news for the Lebanese peoples. So lets see how Lebanon perform and how he can pull up his country.

1. Is Lebanon European country?

No, Buddy its located in West Asia

2. What is the capital of Lebanon ?


3. Name the Sea Which situated in the west part of Lebanon ?

Mediterranean Sea

4.Name the Neighboring country of Lebanon ?

Lebanon neighboring countries are : Syria Israel Jorden

5. Current PM of Lebanon ?

Saad Hariri

6. Why china wants India to stop Agni-5 missiles test

Ans : Recently India having testing his own made in India missile which is Agni missile. This missile is a continental ballistic missile.

so as of you know continental missile are those missile which go through one continent to another continent and sometimes.

its ranges is about 3000 to 5000 km which is very extreme.

During this time China does not wants to India become his competitor that’s why hi wants to pull of India’s Agni-5 missile or some these types of missile, but Indian government openly says its not possible to stop their missile program.

But why china says its openly to India stop their missile program ?

This is because of massive Make in India initiative takes by government of India.

Infect government of India takes some bold decision to make his country as a global leader of electronics and some other sectors.

In this initiative government of India gives some extra benefit to those company which is going to be massive production of any goods or services.

This program is known as Production Linked Incentives. i.e. PLI-Scheme.

so if India will make more & more products then he will sold out these product to a major countries like Europe, US, Brazil, and Middle east countries

This will helps to India’s dream which is 3-Trillion economy. That’s why china doesn’t want to India become a Global leader in any faculty.

1. Is India Nuclear Powered country ?


2. what is Agni-5 Missiles ?

Agni-5 Missiles is an Intercontinental Missiles which means its fire one continent to another continent.

3. Who was the father of Indian Missile system ?

APJ Abdul Kalam sir

4. Who was the father of Indian Atomic Research and Development Program?

Dr Homi jahangir Bhaba sir

5. What is PLI Scheme ?

Its an Initiative taken by Indian Government. PLI means – Production Linked Incentives

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