17 September Current Affairs 2021

Today, our exam is becoming tough to toughest. Maximum of the question arise from Daily gk. Here we provides some question related to previous day. So stay and joins our Googlitec Army. so lets begin.

1. What is Lebanon crisis ?

Lebanon is a Western Asian country. its have some neighboring countries i.e. Israel, Syria, Jorden. Its is situated in Mediterranean ocean. In 2020 its capital which is Bruit. is suffering from massive explosion. Its causes 200 peoples dies and 1000 of people were injured. in this situation most of the people have lost there jobs because Lebanon have a low income country and most of the people having its own small business.

in 2020 to 2021 Lebanon tries his best of 10 prime minister to deal with Lebanon crisis but, no one can solve this missive tragedy. in September 16 most of cities having trouble of fuel problems and Lebanon people are stolen and robbery Fuel to the petrol pump. Today 90 % of the Lebanon people are lived in Poverty. Lebanon have not enough money to buy any kind of fuel to charged his economy. That’s why its the major problem to face.

Lebanon have a Hezbollah i.e. terror group. This group recently provides some fuel tankers to his nation peoples. Its a big good news for the Lebanese peoples. So lets see how Lebanon perform and how he can pull up his country.

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